A Message of thanks, gratitude, and a pledge to service.

Dear Friends,

The first half of my third term as your Representative in the 35th House district has come to a close.

We have accomplished much this term and the list of specific legislation that I sponsored or co-sponsored is too long for this welcome to my website message. Please see the issues pages of this site to see the work we have done for the people of North Carolina.

The state of the State is excellent. North Carolina is enjoying the benefits of good sound fiscal policies and economic recovery and prosperity. Your legislature continues to deliver on our promises of lowering taxes for all and creating an economic environment that is conducive to business growth. Clearly these policies are working. Folks continue to move here in droves, sixty seven a day here in Wake County. The word is out. Publications all across country claim North Carolina is the place to come to work, to raise a family, and to live in freedom and pursue happiness.

Education continues to be a high priority, and in addition to increasing spending and raising salaries of our State’s greatest resource, our teachers, we are finding more and more effective ways to ensure that all our children have access to the best education possible.

Health and Human Services are a big challenge for North Carolina. With the uncertainty in Washington DC in regards Medicaid spending, Affordable Health Care Act, and many other pressing issues, we are taking the lead to craft a North Carolina solution. I work daily with the Department of Health and Human Services to look at new ways to improve our systems. The substance abuse epidemic, opium in particular, is robbing our future, so many lives lost to this deadly substance. We must continue to work on this problem, from all sides. I am proud to have sponsored the STOP Act, and we have the support of all involved, DHHS, the NC Department of Justice, the Administration, and law enforcement. I expect we will soon start to see some results from this bipartisan effort.

We have also reformed and increased the amount of mental health crisis beds, using the Dorethea Dix Trust fund money, and creating flexibility in the laws that surround their growth.

I continue to support Law Enforcement officers, Firefighters, and First Responders. We must look out for those who daily risk their lives for us.

Thank you for visiting my website, as always my door is always open to any citizen in North Carolina who has a question or needs help with an issue.

Chris Malone
Chris Malone
NC HD 35

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