Jobs and the Economy

The State and Wake County’s economy has been flourishing again unlike previous times where unemployment across the state was 4th worst in the country.

In response to a lot of hard work by Republicans, we reduced Unemployment from 11.4% in 2010 when we were ranked among the worst states to only 4.9% in June 2016. (It is even better in Wake County). According to Site Magazine we have created more than 300,000 net jobs since 2011. The Carolina Journal puts the total since “mid 2013” at 252,000. During this period which is my time in office our decreased taxes, job growth and regulatory reform have allowed North Carolina to, in the last three years, become the fastest growing economy (according to GDP) in the nation. We rank highly in almost every publication which discusses the state of states. Often times we are in one of the top 3 spots. Even CNBC (sister affiliate to MSNBC) ranked us 5th best in the country for business. The Journal offers some other important points on our economy. “Other standard measures confirm our relatively brisk pace of growth.

Since mid-2013, North Carolina’s GDP has grown at an inflation-adjusted annual rate of 3.2 percent, higher than the national (2.5 percent) and regional (2.4 percent) averages. Using the same starting point, per-person incomes rose 3.6 percent in North Carolina, 3.4 percent in the nation, and 3.3 percent in the Southeast.” And that was in April. With the idea of growth, fairness and equity in mind I sponsored a bill that would lead to renewing support for small and medium manufacturers and recyclers that a previous administration withdrew in the last decade. We passed it after 2 years of effort in the House. It took off as a concept and was enhanced and added to the Budget in 2016. It will certainly open up job opportunities across the State including Eastern Wake County.

My voting record indicates my commitment to jobs in Wake County and the Tarheel state. As a state, a county, and as your representatives we have added jobs, increased the standard of living and kept our pledge to help our friends, neighbors and constituents. North Carolina is indeed a success story and you are part of it.